Increase Seminal Fluid

Increase Seminal Fluid

Increase Seminal Fluid

Out of the millions of sperm ejaculated, only approximately 200 are able to make it to the ovum in the woman’s fallopian tube, and only one actually impregnates the egg. Low sperm count, also called oligospermia, occurs when sperm count is less than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

Aside from sperm count, sperm motility, class and an increase seminal fluid play an equally important role in male fertility. Sperm Quality: For an increase in quality to occur, at least 60% of the sperm needs to be of a normal shape. Sperm usually have a long tail and oval head. Sperm with curled tails, double tails or malformed heads are less likely to fertilize the egg.

Sperm Motility: The head is pushed ahead by its tail. Sperm should also have the ability to move and swim in order to make it to the egg. It’s more likely to achieve fertilization if at least 50% of the sperm have forward momentum or motility.

Increase Seminal Fluid

Causes of Low Sperm Count and Quality:

Stress: psychological conditions such as anxiety can be causes of low sperm count.

Heat exposure: Fever, hot baths, saunas, high work temperatures, tight clothing and even laptop use – all can bring on testicular overheating which leads to a decrease in the quality and count of sperm.

Cycling: Physical exertion like bicycling can increase scrotal temperature and also bring on numbness in the genitals.

Alcohol abuse: Alcohol makes men less fertile.

Smoking: Irregular sperm shape can be caused by the use of smoking or chewing tobacco products. It also can harm the sperm’s DNA and bring about fetal irregularities.

Lubricants: Integration of lubricants in sexual activity can have an effect on sperm motility.

Recreational drugs: Opium, cocaine and marijuana can also have ill-effects on sperm count and quality in addition to bringing about erectile dysfunction.

Methods of raising sperm quality, count and how to increase seminal fluid:

Avoid prolonged exposure to laptops, hot baths, tight fitting underwear, bicycling and any activity that can increase the temperature of your genital region.

Abstain from drug abuse, tobacco and alcohol.

Don’t use lubricants.

Stay away from harmful chemicals like domestic cleaning products; if you use them, wear protective clothing and facemasks, and stay in a ventilated area.

Relieve stress by meditating and enjoying entertainment.

Make sure you get enough exercise.

Maintain your recommended body weight.

Take vitamins and herbal supplements to

Increase Seminal Fluid


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